PERRY NEWMAN CPC/CSMS - Executive Resume Writer & Career Coach

Perry Newman is a nationally acclaimed Executive Resume Writer & Career Coach who can collaborate with you to identify and showcase your value, skills, business strengths and achievements, and position you as a bonifide candidate for opportunities that appeal to you most.

Previously you were aggressively recruited, personally referred, or promoted into a new position and a resume and social media profile were not as crucial to your success as they are today. However in today's economy the need to get noticed by top search firms, decision makers, and well placed professionals you can network with has risen to the top of every professionals job search strategy.

In my practice I specialize in helping management, senior executive and C-level clients prioritize their goals and maximize their time and effort to reach the next level with less hassle and headaches, fewer impediments than they would encounter writing a resume and conducting a job search on their own.

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push them  upwards from their current position to the next level with fewer impediments than they might experience alone 

and I assist those who were recently displaced to transition more rapidly from their solo consulting practice to a position commensurate to their current value in the corporate world.

etting back  campaigns faster and with fewer hassles than they might experience alone. Everything from resumes and cover letters to executive leadership addendums to job search and interview coaching—it’s all “on the table” for you to choose the best fit for your situation.

As a Certified Recruiter, former Owner/President of Harrison-Dane Associates, an executive search and career transition firm he co-founded in 1985, and the driving force here since 2007, Perry has the expertise you can rely on. When you collaborate with him you will come away with a marketing portfolio, social media presence, and job search strategy that can markedly increase your interview to apply ratio.

Investing in a Professional Resume & Social Media Image is More Than Cost Effective

First consider this; the average job search today takes 26 weeks and you are losing $250 to $750 each day you remain unemployed! Next, calculate the value of returning to work ONE DAY sooner let alone remaining without a paycheck 1 week or 1 month longer than necessary?

Statistics show that job hunters who invest in a professionally written resume & seek professional advice on how to manage their social media persona reduce their job search by 4-10 weeks. Ask any one who made this investment and I guarantee they will say, "this was one of the most profitable investments I've made in my entire life."  

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If you're not getting the results you want with the resume have,take advantage of the opportunity to consult with an expert who can help you understand what goes on inside the minds of decision makers, and how to get them to consider you a leading candidate throughout the search, interview and hiring process. Just email your resume to us for a live one-on-one resume & social media critique. Perry will take the time to speak with you to determine if you're presenting yourself in the best light and if not what changes need to be made. There is no cost for this review and you are under no obligation to use our services afterward. Flexible hours are available to accommodate all schedules and US time zones. 

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